Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Solo Sex, Do not use saliva!

Solo Sex, Do not use saliva!
Sex itself brings pleasure not less violently with both sex couples. No wonder, aka sex solo masturbation invite a lot of research to explore it.
Here, some of the information about solo sex, such as Cosmopolitan reviewed.
Good for the body
Masturbation in order to achieve sexual pleasure to have health benefits. Many studies say that the reason is because orgasm releases a good mood hormone, endorphins, are useful start to relieve stress to relieve menstrual cramps.
One recent study published in Sleep Medicine even found that masturbation can treat restless legs syndrome (neurological disorder that causes your legs jerk around the bed).
Do not use saliva!
A University of Michigan study found that women who masturbate with saliva (ie, wet your fingers before inserting it into Miss V) have a higher risk of fungal infection. The researchers reasoned, saliva may disrupt the balance of bacteria in there. If you need a lubricant before continuing the action excites sexual desire itself, choose a lubricant that their safety.
Women tend to clam up
According to research from Penn State University, women talk more about sex than men, except talk about masturbation. Men are more likely to openly discuss it with other men about how they do it and what their fantasies. Research suggests, you sometimes need to discuss it with close friends to share info about new ways to feel pleasure hotter.
Animals are also masturbation
Scientists have observed a variety of masturbation in wild animals, including deer, monkeys, sea lions, and squirrels. In fact, female apes and monkeys have been known to use a cane for added fun there.
Masturbation causes acne
True, masturbation triggers acne, because when you reach the climax, the body will experience a spike in the hormone testosterone, which can cause acne.
Masturbation can also be the climax
Researchers at Rutgers University have documented women who can climax without touching themselves. In one study, participants were asked to imagine how they reach the climax. MRI is used to scan their brains. The scans revealed that their brain is "awake" during orgasm, in the same place exactly when women reach climax with sex pairs.