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How To Make Her Come By Licking Her Clitoris


How To Make Her Come By Licking Her Clitoris

If you struggle to give a woman an orgasm then you should learn cunnilingus, this is the easiest way to make her climax, if you stimulate her clitoris properly during cunnilingus then it becomes very easy to give a woman an orgasm.

A lot of men don't even know where to find the clitoris let alone how to pleasure a woman by stimulating it, at the top of the vagina is a little hood this is where the clitoris hides. This is one very sensitive little thing with over 7,000 nerves, so learning cunnilingus properly is a must.

Ok you have found the clitoris time to give your woman an orgasm, don't try to use your fingers on it as she will most likely find that to rough and that could put her off. The best thing to do is use your tongue, keep your tongue wet with saliva to stop any painfull friction. Now this is where a good cunnilingus guide comes in handy, as there are lot's of tricks and techniques to give a woman an orgasm through cunnilingus.

Generally the best tip is to be gentle and lick and suck the clitotis, you will know when an orgasm is about to happen as the clitoris gets erect, that is your cue to speed things up a little and lick a little harder. If done properly her orgasm will be one that she will never forget.

The above does not even scratch the surface of how to give a woman an orgasm, but the key to cunnilingus is to be gentle and considerate to her needs. When armed with a good cunnilingus guide you will have the power to make your partner climax any time you wish.

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